We operate powerful marketing software
to drive qualified leads through your sales funnel.



eCommerce Shoppers

Drive more customers to your eCommerce website, and keep them going back for more.


Member Subscriptions

Grow your membership database, and maintain an in-depth profile for each of your members.


Sales Leads

Target more valuable business opportunities, and get hot new leads delivered direct to your inbox.




The Sales Funnel

Marketing Automation software helps drive through three key stages of the sales funnel:

  1. - attract more contacts,
  2. - nurture contacts until they are ready to buy, and
  3. - help cement the conversion process - from first interaction to loyal supporter.

Attract an Audience

The software captures contact details as they enter the sales funnel from sources such as: email marketing, website enquires, sales landing pages, ecommerce sites, online searches (Google, Bing, etc.), social media platforms (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram etc.), blog sites, online forms, SMS marketing, mobile marketing, QR codes; and many other sources. The platform makes use of an 'intelligent' CRM database to capture contacts and automatically segment them into interest-specific lists as required for targeted marketing.

Nurturing People

Once the contact has been recorded in the database, the software generates dynamic communications to the contact, tracks the contacts online actions, and then uses the information to build a profile of the contacts personal interests and preferences. The platform delivers a variety of communications such as: dynamic content (it identifies and displays specific content to specific people automatically), automated email drip campaigns, campaign-specific sales landing pages (microsites), campaign specific online forms/ surveys/ questionnaires, informational media such as blog pages, videos, downloads (white papers, infographics, etc.), and then sends automatic and instant notification of visitor activity to the sales team.

Converting Leads

As soon as the software identifies an interested visitor as a 'hot lead', it automatically updates the contact status and triggers off a notification to the sales team. The system helps: identify sales opportunities, open an 'contact sales card', track the contact through the selling process, add any other contacts associated with the opportunity, record email communications, send information to the dashboard, and, produce a Return on Investment (ROI) report.

Dashboard Reports

The platform provides an extensive dashboard allowing for in-depth analysis of all activities from a wide variety of perspectives. The dashboard includes: campaign tracking, paid and organic AdWords tracking, paid and organic Social Media tracking, site traffic reports, open rates, conversion rates, bounce rates, sales breakdown reports, A/B testing reports, media click-through reports, ROI reports, and other client-specific feedback.

Our Services

Managing the system: We on-board and maintain the marketing automation software.

Marketing campaigns: We conceptualise, write and design campaign content.

Customer journey: We develop online customer engagement processes.

Research contacts: We identify specific contacts for specific campaigns.

Marketing Automation Features


Full Marketing Strategy

Research and Database Building

Full Marketing Automation

Behaviour-Based Emails

Dynamic Landing Pages

Dynamic Form Builder

Campaign Tracking

Blog Builder

CRM and Sales Automation

Reporting and Analytics

Anonomous Visitor ID

eCommerce and much more


The Agency

Inspire-d Business Design (Pty) Ltd is a South African niche-brand marketing agency that helps a number of personally driven clients to grow their brands.

We believe brands can gain a competitive market edge by better understanding customer perceptions and preferences. To achieve this we analyse each market segment in order to capture a unique and valuable position where a brand will naturally excel.

Our core focus is on creating brand stories that help attract and nurture loyal customers, We promote these stories using targeted marketing campaigns that push brand messaging to targeted audiences and pull selected audiences towards client brands.

With a background in visual communication, brand strategy and behavioural economics, and decision-making, Inspire-d works to generate a specific response from a target audience. The agency also owns and operates Inspired Brand Stories, producing marketing content for print, digital, social and news media. We work with a professional team who are responsible for the highest level of service.


Deon van Rensburg

Kerry Lewkowicz
Account Manager
New business development
Market Researcher
Market and customer research
Brand Strategist
Market analysis and brand strategies
Marketing Automation
Marketing automation programmer
Content Writers
Writes persuasive marketing content
Social Media Planner
Manages social media campaigns
UX Designer
Designs for website user experience
SEO Strategist
Search marketing and lead generation
Web Developer
Plans and builds responsive websites
Graphic Designers
Creates visual communication
Marketing Trainer
Marketing guidance and training
Project Administrator
Plans and controls implementation

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