We automate marketing & sales processes
All on one platform

When your #1 priority is to get the edge in customer growth.

Everyone Wants More Business

Inspired marketing works with businesses to drive customer growth. We do this by mapping out marketing and sales systems and then using marketing automation technology, we programme the system workflows to operate automatically - 24/7.

Attract More Customers

Identify hot leads & convert more customers, by using the built-in lead tracking software

Grow Your Database

Reach bigger audiences & new markets, by using the built-in CRM database software

Reduce Your Costs

Cut overheads & marketing costs, by automating tasks [traditionally done by staff]

The System is the Solution

Concerned about growing your business? If you want real peace of mind, develop your own business growth system. While new offerings, big advertising spend and talented salespeople can help, nothing beats having a system that works for you reliably every day.

Systems Work

We help map and automate marketing and sales systems:
Plot the customer journey
Identify marketing and sales processes
Map and automate campaign workflows
Track website visitor and customer interactions
Generate performance reports

Global Platform

We use award-winning technology to automate the system:
 10+ marketing tools on one unified platform
 30% lower price (Inspired Marketing clients only)
100's of favourite Apps can be integrated with the platform
 150+ engineers and staff in support (SharpSpring Software)
 1,000's of business users worldwide

Marketing Campaigns

We help you roll out automated marketing campaigns:
 From concept to launch
 Online and available 24/7, anywhere
 Intergrated with your website
 Target specific markets with specific campaigns
 Track result in real time

Technical Support

We take care of the technical stuff:
 Online and telephonic support
 Platform and website maintenance
 Integrate online applications
 Transfer skills to you at your pace
 Fast, friendly, professional help

Grow Your Business

Boost ROI by aligning your marketing system with your financial goals, and then automate the system.


1st: Set the financial targets to achieve your long-term goals


2nd: Determine customer growth to achive your financial targets


3rd: Align marketing processes with required customer growth


4th: Automate marketing processes and reduce the workload