Customer Growth Specialists

Based in Cape Town, Inspired Marketing specialises in customer growth systems, helping clients achieve their business growth targets.

With a sharp focus on Return on Investment, the agency believes that feedback from real-time performance analytics is the key to a forward-looking strategy.

Being results driven, we understand that no matter how beautiful a design or how compelling a piece of content might be if the right marketing communications are not sent to the right person at the right time marketing campaigns will falter and fail.

For us, it's all about getting the right processes running reliably, 24/7.

Marketing Automation Technology

Inspired Marketing is an internationally accredited Marketing Automation & CRM agency. We are Gold Certified partners of SharpSpring Software, one of the leading Marketing Automation software suppliers worldwide.

Using SharpSpring and other marketing applications, the agency concentrates on helping clients to develop and automate their online marketing processes.

We help on-board clients, programme their marketing campaigns, and train in-house teams to use the Marketing Automation platform.

Our Story

As any entrepreneur knows, building a successful business is not an easy job.

We have seen in our business, as with many of our clients, the difficulties to overcome in order to succeed.

One of these challenges is the way marketing and sales activities have changed in recent times. In most cases, traditional processes have been turned upside-down. New competing business models, emerging media platforms and changing customer habits have sent many businesses into a wild tailspin.

Since the customer is the key to success, we knew we had to align our marketing with the 'customer journey' i.e. the customer purchasing process. We also understood that whoever best meets the customer needs throughout this process is most likely to succeed.

But, how to do that effectively was a big challenge.

Our own search for a better marketing solution, lead us to Marketing Automation & CRM technology. This technology has enabled us to identify and automate our key repeatable marketing processes. It has also given us the tools to systemise our marketing and sales, and build a reliable business.

Deon van Rensburg


Deon holds a Master’s Degree in Business Administration, and an International Certification (Gold class) in Marketing Automation.

Deon specialises in the development of business and customer growth strategies.  He helps companies develop their customer relationships by identifying customer purchasing behaviours, mapping the customer journey and building effective sales funnels.

He also helps companies identify the core drivers of growth, uncover new market opportunities, and explore ways to reach more customers.

Kerry Lewkowicz


Kerry holds a Diploma in Art Directing and an International Certification (Gold class) in Marketing Automation.

At Inspired Marketing, Kerry specialises in visual communications - working from initial concept to final automation of the online communication processes. To achieve this she conducts her own market research and data analysis, maps out communication strategies, and develops online automation workflows.

Kerry also provides advanced skills training in Marketing Automation, creative design applications and social media platforms.