Platform Skills Guide 2

Marketing Automation and Sales CRM: Advanced Skills

Tip: Keep the platform open on your computer screen while following the guide on a second monitor/ tablet/ phone.

Platform Advanced Skills #1: Advanced Search

Platform Advanced Skills #1: Advanced Search

Open Contact Manager and navigate to the blue Advanced Search button on the right. Click, and a panel will open on the left-hand side.

Try one or more of the following:

  • > Status.
  • > Personas.
  • > Created date.
  • > Last Updated Date.
  • > List membership.
  • > Lead owner.
  • > Campaigns.
  • > Then click the blue ‘Search’ button. To save, click ‘Save’. To clear click ‘Clear’.

Example: Scroll down the panel till you find “List Membership” and click the dropdown >> select the list you want to sort >> then click the blue “Search” button at the bottom of the panel.

The list contacts will take a few moments to populate in the main contact manager section. Once the contacts are displayed you can use the big grey “Sort By” button to sort that list by First name, Last name, etc.

Sort groups of contacts by using the grey Sort by drop-down button. Try one or more of the following:

  • > Sort by Lead score.
  • > Sort by Created.
  • > Sort by Last updated – sort A-Z and Z-A.
  • > Sort by First Name.
  • > Sort by Last Name.

To increase the number of contacts that displays on the Contact Manager page >> click the grey wheel button on the top right to find “Contacts per page” >> select how many contacts you want to display in one page.

Platform Advanced Skills #2: Coping an Email Template

Platform Advanced Skills #2: Coping an Email Template

Success Guide: These steps show you how to copy an email template.

  • > Go to Content dropdown on the navigation bar
    • Select emails
    • Find the email template you want to copy
    • Click on the dropdown arrow next to the gear wheel
    • Select copy email


  • Type in the new name for the email
  • Type in the new subject line
  • Leave the From name and from email address unless you specifically need to change it
  • Click the blue copy email button on the right


  • Double click on the content box you want to edit.
  • An edit box will open up.
  • Place you curse on the line you want to edit
  • Edit the text, image etc.

Remember to check the...

  • Font sizes
  • Font colour
  • Button links (if any)
  • Image size

If you are happy, click the DONE box on the top right

  • Click the green Save button on the top of the page

On the left navigation toolbar on the left-hand side of the page

Envelope icon: Send settings

  • Check subject line
    • From name
    • From email address
    • Reply-to email address (uses from email address as a default)
  • Tick the following boxes if required
    • Can send multiple times to one person
    • Make available as a Smart Mail
    • Send from Lead Owner when sending from an automation engine
    • Include “view in browser” link

Grid icon: Add contact

  • Drag and drop content areas and layouts if you require

Paperclip icon: Attachments

  • Add up to 4 attachments if required

Paintbrush icon: Styling

  • Edit the global email theme style link font colour, background colour, headings, text if required

*Ignore the other icons unless you are working with RSS feeds, shopping carts or dynamic content.

NB - Always send a test email before sending out.

Platform Advanced Skills #3: Bulk Email Sending

Platform Advanced Skills #3: Bulk Email Sending

Success Guide: These steps show you how to send bulk emails.

To send a test:

  • Click the blue send button on the top of the page


  • Send as soon as possible
  • Or select a date and time


  • The email you are working on will automatically be selected


  • Select the test list you want to send the email to


  • Only select if you want to exclude a list/tag from receiving the email
  • Otherwise, ignore that section

Tick or un-tick the boxes

  • Exclude recipients who have already received this email
    • Un-tick if a recipient can receive the email more than once
    • Tick if a recipient should not receive the email more than once
  • Exclude recipients with low engagement
    • Un-tick if the email is likely to get engagement
  • Exclude unengaged
    • Un-tick is the email is likely to get engagement

Click the Send button on the bottom of the box

A confirmation box will appear before sending.

NB - double check...

  • Email name
  • Email subject
  • The list you have selected
  • Number of the recipients in the list

Confirm your send Time and Date.

If everything is correct for sending, click the blue Send email button.