Marketing Automation Platform

Over the last decade marketing has become highly complex and today Marketing Automation is the technology that has been designed to help simplify things - by syncing and automating all your processes via one platform.

Platform features include:

 Powerful CRM database

 Email marketing

 Sales Pages

 Dynamic forms

 Content marketing

 Social media campaigns

 Search marketing

 App integrations

 Performance analytics

 Support services

 And much more…

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Email Marketing

It’s widely acknowledged that email marketing is one of the most effective marketing communication technologies. For this reason our Marketing Automation platform provides built-in email software that enables you to send large volume emails, with hyper-personalised content.

Using our platform you can automate your email campaigns to trigger exactly when it's most effective, and sit back and watch the results as they happen in real time.

Email marketing features:

Powerful CRM database with hyper-segmentation

Secure sending

Beautiful layout and design functionality

Dynamic content - deliver personalised content to specific audiences.

Recipient tracking with reporting on opens, clicks, etc.)

Sales Pages

Need to publish online promotions, upcoming events and product offering campaigns? Our Marketing Automation platform enables you to create campaign specific online sales pages.

One of the benefits is speed with which you can launch a campaign without the need for a developer. Easily swap out images, move content around and tweak text as and when you need.

Our platform Sales Pages offers one of the fastest and most effect ways to attract and grow your audience. It provides the flexibility and impact top marketers want in order to succeed in a competitive market.

Sales Page features:

Dynamic content

Beautiful templates

Insert forms

Track clicks

Get visitor insights

Dynamic Forms

The Marketing Automation platform has a built-in dynamic form builder. You can use it to build and customize your form in seconds, and use CSS to allow the form to take on the aesthetic of your site.

Choose from more than a dozen different fields for gathering data from your leads. Or you can create your own custom Fields with as many data points as your team can dream up.

Using forms you can measure, compare and optimize visitor engagement with more complete insights, and gain a deeper understanding of your marketing ROI.

Performance Analytics features:

Forms that look and feel like your site

3rd-party and native forms

Custom fields

Form insights


Create eye-catching call-to-action buttons

Seamless CRM integration

Universal CMS compatibility

Content Marketing

Developing a blog shouldn’t take a computer science degree! Using the Marketing Automation platform you can post blogs and track results all within one application.

The blog tool uses an intuitive, point-and-click editor making it easy to create your blog without knowing HTML or needing to mess with your website.

Content marketing is considered one of the most effective marketing communications strategies, and now you can more easily make your blog your content cornerstone.

Blog features include:

Point-and-Click WYSIWYG Editor

Library of Responsive Designs

Manage and Publish Posts

RSS Email Syndication

Fully Integrated with SharpSpring

Insert dynamic content

Social Media

Now you can run your social media marketing straight off your Marketing Automation platform. Integrate and sync your content strategy across all channels for a clean, unified brand image.

Using the built-in content calendar you can schedule your posts and track results in one place. The calendar tool will make sure you have a consistent brand footprint out in the marketplace.

Inspired marketing can help you strategise and create social media campaigns that help grow your contact database and build greater brand loyalty.

Social Media features include:

Post instantly or schedule ahead

Unlimited profiles, unlimited users

Post once across unlimited accounts

Monitor conversations that matter

Identify hot leads & brand advocates

Search Marketing

The number one way to improve your search engine ranking is by regularly publishing quality content and running Google Adverts.

We help create and distribute content, from sales pages to traditional blogs, reaching current customers, new markets, and targeted audiences.

Having produced an extensive range of various media we can help you find the type of content that works best for you and your audiences. 

SEO Marketing content ideas include:

How to guides


eBook downloads

White papers

Case studies

Online surveys


Review reports



App Integrations

Inspired Marketing helps integrate external marketing applications with the Marketing Automation platform, making it easier to sync online marketing campaigns, activations and advertising.

A key advantage is that we can help you pull in data related to customer interactions and preferences from other online sources to one platform.

With the 100’s of different Apps that marketers use, getting everything to work seamlessly together can be tricky. For this reason we provide technical services to make this process easier for you.

You can also connect the Marketing Automation platform to other online CRM systems. Like the Marketing Automation platform, the API is platform agnostic and built on web standards, so you can use your language (Java, Ruby, Perl, PHP, Python, etc.) of choice.

Performance Analytics

From website visitor insights to marketing campaign performance, analytics is the key to good decision-making.

The Marketing Automation platform provides users with comprehensive feedback reports, in real time and with accurate information.

The platform lets you track as many of your websites as you’d like and monitor them in one place. You can add a tracking code snippet to a website, microsite, blog or landing page in seconds to start identifying and generating new leads.

Performance Analytic features include:

Email Analytics

Campaign Tracking

Google AdWords Integration

Behaviour Tracking

Multiple Device Tracking

End-to-End ROI

Custom Reports

Form Insights

Campaign Tagging

Support Services

Inspired Marketing is a full-service gold-partner Marketing Automation and CRM platform supplier. the agency helps on-board clients to the Marketing Automation platform, create and manage online campaigns, and train in-house teams to use the platform.

Platform services include:

 Platform onboarding

 User training

 Back-up support

 Strategic advice

 Campaign planning

 Platform integrations

 Automation programming

 Platform maintenenace