Marketing Technology with CRM is for everyone

Micro & Startup Business

One-man and new start-up businesses can save time and money, and make marketing easier by using one platform.

Small & Mid-size Business

Established businesses benefit using the advanced CRM database, dynamic emails, and sales microsites.

Large Companies

Larger companies are able to intergrate their various online technologies and connect sales teams within the platform.

Different Strategies for Different Businesses

Business-to-business (B2B)

These businesses are characterised by high-value transaction and typically involve longer sales cycles. Generally, each lead is more expensive to obtain and each transaction is more valuable to the business. Leads considering more information prior to the purchase extend the sales cycle.

With notifications, email automations and dynamic lists, marketing automation allows these businesses to convert more leads to sales while also shortening the sales cycle.

Business-to-customer (B2C)

These are businesses with less expensive or low-involvement purchases and typically involve a much higher number of leads/sales and lower revenue per transaction. Because these transactions are lower value and less risk, the sales cycles happen more quickly and generally don’t involve a sales team.

Marketing Automation CRM helps build a personal relationship – via automation and segmentation – with each customer and deliver messages tailored to their unique needs.

Marketing Technology works for most industries

Our clients range from small to large businesses...