Sales CRM with Marketing Automation

With us, it’s not CRM vs. Marketing Automation ... it’s all-in-one on our Marketing Automation platform. And if you are using another CRM platform you can easily integrate it with our platform.

CRM Database features include:

Multiple users

Easy-to-understand pipeline

Full timeline highlighting the ‘Life of the Lead’

View every campaign and interaction associated with a lead

Custom lead-scoring to prioritize contacts

Custom deal stages to fine-tune your pipeline

‘Smart Emails’ to personally contact leads right from the platform

Internal note sharing for transparency across teams

Automated reminders to promote efficiency

Mobile app for managing deals on the go

Actionable reports to demonstrate ROI

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Visitor Insights

Is your website just a glorified brochure? Turn it into a two-way communication tool. Track and notify sales when a lead that is currently in your funnel comes back to the site to check out your pricing or download a white-paper. Arm your salespeople with the knowledge they need to close the sale.

98% of web visitors remain anonymous because they don’t fill out forms. VisitorID uses reverse IP lookup to identify the companies visiting your site, and provides you with contact info, including names, emails and phone numbers. Get crucial insight into your existing web traffic to convert leads to sales.

Put anonymous web visitors, leads, opportunities, and customers that have visited your site each day directly in your inbox. Quickly scan through contact information, lead score and other fields without even logging into the app!

Visitor insights features:

Identify Anonymous Web Visitors

Track your Known Leads

Daily VisitorID Email

Page Visits, Referral URLs & Search Terms

Specify important pages

Specify important contacts

Smart Mail

With Smart Mail, your sales team can schedule one-to-one personalised follow-up emails. Using a pre-scripted format, Smart Mail ensures that you never miss a beat getting your communications out on time and to the standard you want.

Running off powerful platform software, Smart Mail makes communication, quick, easy and unique to each contact.

Smart Mail is one of those easy-to-use features that salespeople love as it makes follow up communications so much easier.

Smart Email features:

Send emails on the fly

Create emails for every occasion

Send immediately or schedule to send later

Personalise emails before sending

Track open and click-through rates

Sales Pipeline and Reports

Every potential sale is an ‘opportunity’ you want to track. With the Marketing Automation platform, you can quickly drag and drop opportunities from one pipeline stage to the next throughout the sales cycle.

Pipeline stages are customizable to meet the needs of every business niche. The number, order, name, default probability and description of the stages can all be adjusted to fit your exact needs.

More productivity = more sales! The platform helps you stay organized by having one centralized application to maintain all your leads and customers records and communications.

Sales Pipeline features include:

Customizable deal-stage pipeline

Account-based marketing

Track accounts easily

Access from anywhere with mobile CRM

Unique timeline per contact

Identify associated contact opportunities

Customer research

Need to grow your customer database? We can show you how - or we can undertake the research on your behalf.

Inspired Marketing has helped source new markets and identify prospective customers for many organisations, and while we do not sell contact lists we will research specific target audiences for you.

A healthy customer database goes a long way towards developing a healthy business. Growing your contact list and recording customer preferences is probably one of the fastest ways to create extraordinary business growth.

Contact Search features:

Identify target markets

Source target companies

Source target contacts

Clean-up lists and make ready for import

Adhere to industry and regulatory contact research standards

Skills Training

The trend in marketing today is towards insourcing many of the activities that were previously outsourced. This is because companies, understandably, want more control over their performance data and activation of their online communications.

In line with this trend, Inspired Marketing provides training, advice and consultancy in our area of expertise.

If you need to update your online marketing skills, we invite you to talk to us about our training and advisory services.

Skills Training features:

Understand what your marketers are doing

Understand what your data means

Understand what you can do to improve performance

Reduce costs

Better allocate marketing resources