How We Automate Marketing Campaigns

If you're looking to grow your business, you'll probably want to improve your marketing and sales system. One way to achieve this, automatically, is to use marketing automation technology.

From managing your contact lists to promoting your business and driving sales, marketing automation software is the technology that gets the job done - you guessed it - automatically! By automating your marketing processes, you get the time to focus on the things that matter most to you and your business.

Want to know the process works? Scroll down to view an example of how we set up a campaign. You can also click the button below to experience a live demo of marketing automation in action.

Marketing Channels

The first step is to reach the target audience across multiple channels. Using an embedded link your prospect is directed through your sales funnel. Channels include:

- Email marketing campaigns.

- Online search, AdWord campaigns.

- Digital and/or print media and adverts.

- Social media campaigns.

- Blogs, video, downloads, etc.

Form Submissions

When a prospect clicks through they arrive at a unique campaign landing page and completes and submits an enquiry form.

- The form can be inserted into a website page and mapped to the marketing automation CRM database. 

- Or, the registration form may be inserted into a uniquely designed sales page created using marketing automation software.

- Progressive forms may be used to capture further information each time a contact visits the site.


CRM Database

Once the form has been submitted, the person’s name, contact details and specific requirements are automatically captured by the powerful CRM database.

- A contact record is automatically created and any future visits and actions taken on the website will be recorded.  

- A 'Life of the Lead' record begins to populate, enabling you to review the various pages visited and actions taken on the site.

- A notification email can be sent to the relevant staff member when a new registration has been submitted.

Confirmation Email

Upon submission of the form, an automated email is sent to the contact confirming receipt of their enquiry along with any further information.

Note: Merge variables can be used to automatically personalise the email with relevant information.

App Integrations

Simultaneously, relevant information can be sent seamless to any other integrated online system (sending and receiving the information automatically), for example:

- Accounting systems.

- Payment gateway systems.

- Other CRM systems.

- In fact, the platform can integrate with 100's of applications.

Customer Segmentation

Using a set of pre-programmed rules, contacts are separated into specific customer-segment lists.

- One contact can be added to multiple lists. 

- Segmented list examples: region list, industry list, birthday list, etc.

- Segmented lists enable specific/ relevant campaigns to be triggered.

Automated Workflows

The contact is then automatically added to one or more pre-programmed workflows, for example:

- Pre-purchase promotional material.

- A post-purchase follow-up, survey, quality assurance programme, etc.

- Future promotional campaigns.


Automated Dynamic Emails

At any stage of the process, you can automatically trigger a pre-designed email campaign that changes dynamically according to a contact's profile. For example:

- 1 week before, send a reminder email with key information/ requirements.

- 1 day before, send a reminder and “looking forward to seeing you” message.

- 1 day after, send a "thank you" email. 

- 2 days after, send follow-up info e.g. further information.

Performance Reports

At any stage throughout a campaign you can get real-time reports, for example:

Traffic reports

- The number of visitors and where they originated.

- Bounce rate, page views, impressions, referral sites, etc.

Form reports

- The number of submissions and when submitted.

Email Reports

- Delivered, opened, clicked, hard and soft bounce, unsubscribes.

- Unopened emails for auto-resending.

Campaign reports

- Email, Social Media, Adwords, Sales Page campaign performance reports.