3 most common marketing challenges

Sales Income

Making money day to day is a challenge - there is an imperative to source more regular business.

Customer Loyalty

Increased competition makes customer retention difficult - there is a need to nurture customers

Missed Opportunities

Losing business to competitors - highlights the requirement to improve customer follow-up and relations

The most common cause of customer alienation are a result of system failure

Either there is no marketing system in place and therefore the team does not know what process to follow or there is a weak system in place, but it's not well developed which results in the team struggling to understand and implement it, resulting in the system being abandoned.

The impact


Expending money fixing problems, when you could be investing in growth

Time and Effort

Wasting energy on futile demands when you could be driving progress


Losing focus on avoidable issues, when you could be achieving you goals.

This is where Inspired Marketing comes in

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